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Sizing is extremely important when shopping our E-store.

Adult women wrist sizes:

X-small 6" 

Small 6.5"

Medium 7"

Large 7.5"

X-Large 8"

The 1/2 inch makes a difference.  


How to measure at home...

Using your dominant hand,  connect your thumb and middle finger around your wrist allowing the tips of your fingers to touch.

(It should be a comfortable touch, if they don't meet choose size XL, if its loose, loose choose size S. )


Take a standard ruler and measure the width from tip to tip.  Stretch your tips apart as if you are stretching your hand. Then, place the edge of the ruler at your middle finger tip first finishing at the tip of your thumb. You should arrive at one of the measurements above.


Good luck in self measuring! 

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